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Saturday, 17 February 2007

paati i miss u

she was my great grandmother, my mothers grand mom. she was short, cute and always clad in white saree that had Pears soap's odour. she used to collect the small sandalwood paste dollops that the poti (priest) gave at the temple, in an old st ives' body scrub bottle, that one of her sons got from Kuwait some decades back. when these these sandal balls dried, she would powder them to smear all over her body. she was qt a beauty, though she was very very old. and she was my best friend.

she used to sing songs… mostly self composed ones… they had no meaning but rhymed so well. like the item numbers by ar rahman. one of them goes like this ‘sorry this is my saree… o my dear doctor of gundachari’... it makes no sense but rhymes!?

she wud break into gibberish nothings like this on sober evenings, especially during powercut hrs. she was a great story teller. she told me her love story. she was 13 and her cousin was 28. he asked her 'shall i marry u?' and she said 'ok!' like it was some deal done while playing kho kho…‘will you be in team’ sort. and they got married after parents talked. she was married to a man who was 15 yrs senior to her. she gave birth to my grandmom when she was 14. but my grandmom was the father’s pet and got married qt late during her times...she was 24. and pati's youngest son was just 2 years old at the wedding. can u believe it? I can. cos there are snaps that recorded all the history in all its glory!

after paatan (pati's great grandpa) died, pati lived all alone in blore. she told me a story of fighting rogues who tied her down on a chair and stole all valuables in the house. what upset her was not that they stole the belongings but that they came in to the house telling they wr her son's friends. she made coffee for them. and then they did all the loot. this incident was, of course covered by newspapers...she had clippings of them in a file. this file had lot of things. photos, birth certificates, old letters...and such odd things.

she loved my mom a lot. and always thought i wud grow up smart n beautiful like her. she had a green transmitter radio...which we wud blast in full volume when there was power cut...we thought it was a good idea to trick people into believing that we had electricity...he he.

pati died in 2001 august at my favourite home...just two months before pappa, my granpa passed away. they wr two pillars of my life, while growing up.

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