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Saturday, 17 February 2007

no more chapters

i am done with chapters, text books n schooling long back. i don like this style of chaptering my blog…

this is just a blog. not a novel. then why the hassle.

i like arundhati roy, she saved me so many words… by giving the most vivid picture scape of kerala.  if i wrote my best i would come only second to wr she left… but my story may not have such controversies until i reach a point where am ready to reveal them all.

i have a great story to tell. like someone said that karma is not a deed but the direction. my story might just the way i get going with telling the story ;-)… the story has no chapters. no characters. no place.

when i write it is not often kept in mind that you are the person who is reading it. well then why do i write? simply becos i cant do otherwise. excuse moi! 

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