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Monday, 19 February 2007

mango pickle

it was a class mates's story entry for a creative writing assignment in post graduation days. the story was unforgettable. let me re-create it here. there were three central characters- three good friends.

sasha (archie comic's veronica like character), mini (betty) and kabir (archie himself) u know the equation as it stands. but mini was gripped in inferiority complex and thought she was not attractive. she had a crush on kabir and kabir seemed to be mesmerised by sasha. the story stretched into twisty tale. many class fellas felt the story was auto-biographical. they identified the mango pickle lover mini as the author herself, and the other characters. that was qt an alarm for me to know i was none other than sasha?
i din think much abt it. wanted mini's miseries to end. and simply disappeared from the mango pickle plot. i am happy i did.

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