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Sunday, 18 February 2007

live reporting

it was not tsunami. just a high tide at the marine drive. the ob van, the peeping n peeking crowd. blowing wind. make up. touch up. micro phone. ear phone. wind. delay in transmission. not ur questions. its all sent from the news room. what r u then? a reporter or a parrot. yes u got it right. u r a parrot with no colourful feathers.

another time it was india vs england. some match at some forsaken corner of the world. but there is a huge plasma screen at 'all that jazz' by the sea. all drama n no news. r u cricket reporter or an entertainer? u got rt u r n entertainer with no sporting spirit for the sort of visually tormenting frezy.

life is on a different side these days, i do miss that crap somehow... have just no idea how i manage to do all that ;)

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