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Sunday, 18 February 2007

edda n eddie

they are my pet lhasapsos. a friend and old colleague gave them to me when i was leaving bbay in 2005. i cud never own one and live with them cos i was always sharing space until then.

i was to travel to kerala. a friend booked a second ac ticket for comfortable journey. there but i was on waiting list - third from the top - on the notice stuck on the boggie's wall. but i had to go. and with the two puppies. barely 20 days old. i checked with the railway authorities in advance on a pre-approval letter for the dogs to travel with me. in india u can carry pets only in a separate coupa. they need to b caged all thru the journey...far far away frm passngers, near the engine room. isolated. i cud not even think of it. i took the challenge of keeping them with me. they fit well into a picnic basket which i layered with very soft, used clothes to keep warm. it was june n not really that cold...but they wr so tiny i had to keep them tender.

my seat was not confirmed. bad luck. i sat with all my luggage at the entrance waiting for the tt. i was moving out of the city for good. i had an overwhelmingly extra large bag and 4 others. huge canvass boards and a basket that needed tlc - the secret! now open. they started squirming. i was advised to feed them on gripe water for any stomach troubles...and the vet had given a small dosage of passifying tablets. it was task to make the pup swallow a tablet. u had to thrust it into its throat and hold the snout until it swallowed. and they wr so tiny. u had to use gently hands. i did all this in the train's toilet...after placing my luggage at 6 different places across the compartment that had no seat for me, inspite of paying a full fare. this is how travelling can b. i was standing for 9 hrs. only place to sit was on top of the puppy had a lid. a strong one.

i found sarita, she was also sailing in the same boat. her ticket was not confirmed too. she was also on the waiting list. she was number 4 on the list. she was a railway cop [oops!] on leave [thankfully]. three months pregnant n standing! i offered her my seat - the basket. i confessed to her my lil secret. she was shocked to know there wr puppies in them and warned me that it can turn against me if anyone complains.

i was prepared for anything [i think so].

the journey had entered into the night. almost 12 hrs after we started from mumbai, we wr some wr in karnataka...i guess. i was growing hungrier but the mild hungry squirms frm the basket got me into action. was qt a ritual to feed puppies - cerelac n milk.  i wud layer the toilet floor with newpapers n then let the puppies run around. pee n poo... n make noise - that wr not audiable in a fast train. then i took one of them at a time-  balancing while the train shunted in full speed is qt a skill that leart that day. in 30 mins the work is done. i put them back in the basket n removed the papers from the floor. flush them down the english commode. washed hands and got out. sarita wud nod her head in dissaproval but wud smile like i did something unbelievable.

now edda n eddie are two years old and they live with my granmom in my favourite home...they have the company of my mom and younger bro n sis too. they r happy. flee free and snowwhite. edda is the male n eddie the female. she is smarter. and he is a glutten. but they r vegetarians like the rest of them at home. they love bananas, fresh green beans, carrots. my grandmom gives them egg once a day. i miss them a lot. i feel like they r my kids. jokes apart. my dramatic stupid self miss them with teary eyes - the truth remains that i still don own a pet, nor can i live with them - even if i may b now sharing space with no stranger, but in another city for work - far away frm home.

my mom wud break into fits of hindu philosophy ...that i will turn to a dog in the next birth, if i miss them so much. i donno what she means by that. and in case i do am born as a dog - i can at least howl n get away from being just a dog on a looney day... hehe

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