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Saturday, 17 February 2007

chapter two - backyard

i am still stuck in my granpa's house. there is so much to tell but what to do, i have my limitations. there was this septic tank on the right courtyard of the house. it had a huge coin like cement plastering on it. once a mason [mind you this a 2-decade old story] told me not to jump on it. he said, it wud brk n i will fall into a heap of shit. since then...whenever i wud trip by that side i wud stare at that plaster and feel disgusted. there was a neem tree by this courtyard and it was qt a huge one. it generally attracted lot of people for some medicinal use. but i never liked anyone climb our trees. i felt sad when people step on its branches and broke them. this house i am so fond off...was build in three different ground levels. so the inside n outside were equally interesting for me. and i never slept in the afternoon. so had so many things to do always. so when everyone was taking their mid noon siesta...i wud sneak out and take the right courtyard to reach the back yard. i cud not take the left side of the courtyard as our dogs wr tied there...and they wud make friendly noise if they saw me. sometimes if i felt too lonely i wud unleash them and then we wud together go down the backyard. and then it was just pure fun - cant explain better. i cud never explain to anyone how it felt there. we wud all run back home when our maid servant visited her toilet outside the house, at around 3.30pm...that was the signal to wind up fun. our dogs wr equally understanding...they wud never make me yell for them...wud quietly get into their cages n lie down like they had not been out at all... cos of course they knew that was the best way to get out again tomorrow. smarties.

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