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Monday, 19 February 2007

bush and the doodlebug

doodlebugs are also called ant lion!...they eat ants. they live in small cup/cone-sahpped mud homes... that help slide in naive ants n small insects that become bug's fresh meal. they used to fascinate me a lot when i was a small kid. maman introduced me to them in the estate's car shed. we would drill inside their homes and catch em out. mostly to see how they walk. an amazing thing abt them is that they walk backwards. u can say their head is in the rear end. we [me, sis and maternal uncle... picture this as two little children and an over grown child in a rubbers estate in kerala during their summer vacation] wud hunt them down and once we got three or four we would float them off on colocasia leaves to the next shore - go my friend find ur new home - what r u doing in our car shed. it was like the wicked game of good intentions. smwhat similar to what bush did while spading into afghanisthan n iraq hunting for unknown something. but thank god we did not harness bush-vian interest in this context but i hope those doodlebugs forgive us.

i went to the estate two years back. it is a different scene all together. i din find the car shed, the doodlebugs or my maman [maternal uncle]. all had vanished in thin air. time is such a storyteller.

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